Sourcing Seeds/ Bulbs for Merwilla plumbea

M Gastil-Buhl via pbs
Tue, 16 Mar 2021 11:30:33 PDT
I grow Merwilla plumbea. 2020 was the first year I was able to collect seed
from it. I have three. The pale-blue almost white one made more seed. The
richer blue and largest one made very little seed. My biggest most blue one
I got from UC Berkeley's botanic garden in 2013. The pale one I got from
Annies Annuals in 2014. Neither bloomed until last year. My new one is a
clump of tiny bulbs all blooming at once, much earlier than the other two
which are only in spike now. This new one I am surprised blooms from bulbs
that small. I got this latest one from San Marcos Growers, via a local
nursery, this year. Only UCB had the correct species name so if you search,
use the former name.

I see I still have the envelopes from the May 2020 seed collected. I did
not get my seed cleaned and packed in time for this upcoming BX but plan to
before the next one. I do not know what time of year to sow these but since
the flowers then leaves emerge this time of year, I guess I would sow in

Santa Barbara, California
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