Sciaridae and nematodes

David Schaeffer via pbs
Tue, 16 Mar 2021 13:27:38 PDT
Expanding your collection to include pinguiculas or larger sundews
(capensis, madagascariense, etc) works well too 😎👉👉

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021, 10:53 AM Nils Hasenbein via pbs <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> a while ago the group discussed methods preventing root/tuber/bulb
> damage by sciaridae.
> During the last years, I have tried to use as much peat-free potting mix
> as possible, and my impression is that all brands I tried are heavily
> infested, likely because the source material is much more yummy for the
> flies than peat. For small batches e.g. for sowing seeds, I sterilize or
> thoroughly dry my potting mix, and use yellow stickers to slow sciarid
> population growth down, which works ok but is a lot of effort during the
> most critical time for me, which is when many pots are indoors during
> winter (Also, those pots which are not hidden away look much better
> without yellow stickers with hundreds of dead flies attached).
> Uli mentioned nematodes, which are readily available from (online)
> stores here in Germany (called nemabest, nemaplus and the like). I used
> them before, but last autumn, I was more systematic and I am very happy
> with the results. The treatment has to be timed well to treat all pots
> at the same time, but the dry nematodes keep for some weeks in the
> fridge, and the final solution seems to keep for some days  - the
> instruction leaflet leaves you with the impression that they are very
> fragile, but my experience this last winter suggests they are a bit more
> robust than I assumed.
> When most pots were inside, I dissolved the powder in a large watering
> can, and each pot already in the house got a shot, and all pots entering
> the house over the next week or two were treated the same. I still had
> almost half a can left, so a little goes quite a long way. I used the
> leftovers to inoculate the remaining bags of potting mix left outside to
> unknown effect. The reason I report this now is that I just spotted my
> first Sciarid since autumn (in a pot with vegetable seeds sown some
> weeks ago), so I think the method worked extremely well. I can highly
> recommend it.
> Nils
> (in central Germany, where sun, heavy rain and hail take turns and six
> rainbows were spotted during the last two days. Galanthus nivalis are
> dropping their flowers, yellow trumpet Narcissus start flowering in the
> lawn, and the first tulip buds are emerging. In the woods, a lot of Arum
> maculatum are breaking through the dead leaves)
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