Cyp. Orchids In SoCal ( temperate type)

Mike via pbs
Mon, 29 Mar 2021 10:32:32 PDT
I’m attempting to grow two Cyp. species of  temperate slipper orchids in a
double pot method.
Cyp. Kentuckyiense
Cyp. Californicum

I’m hoping that evaporative cooling and watering with wicks that bring
water right up under the roots can simulate environments where they will
thrive.  I’ve heard with these orchids, cool root systems solve many
problems. I’ve not  grown them before as I figured my climate was not
conducive.  So with my extra time this past year to research a new project
this is what I came up with. It seems that many of the people in our group
also raise orchids so I thought it an off topic, topic of interest.My IR
 pistol thermometer and a slight Santa Ana wind yesterday produced an 8
degree lower temp on the inner pot surface vs the outer pot. The growing
media  was also about 4 degrees cooler if  I averaged the 5 readings and
places I read the temps.  Soil moisture readings are coming once my new
meter arrives . They get bright indirect sun and have a great breeze most
everyday.  I’m about 1.5 miles from the bay so I’m moderated  from heat
extremes.  The close up is of Cyp. Californicum.  The number if growth tips
 suggests that this plant is likely 10-12?years old. The Cyp. Kentuckyiense
has 2 growth tips.
In the fall I’ll unpot and add new growing media and evaluate how they did
during the growing season.

If anyone in the group has attempted this growing method for temperate
slipper orchids I’d enjoying hearing about your experience.  I probably
should have tried hybrids but really wanted the Kentuckyiense and I am not
aware of any hybrids that have Californicum as a parent.

Have a great Monday
Sunset Zone 23
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