Erythronium dens-canis

James Waddick via pbs
Mon, 29 Mar 2021 08:43:02 PDT
	Does anyone have success with the dog tooth violet. ?  I have tried various named E. dens-canis and they have dwindied away and never bloomed. A friend shared a plant he said was locally  (Ireland) called ‘Old Ugly’ that was his most reliable blooming variety. In over a decade is has bloomed 2 - maybe 3 times. This year is a blooming year . Not spectacular, but OK.

	It is however a very nice foliage plant with mottled foliage of green and tan  - looks like camouflage - and I have moved pieces around the garden.  The West Coast Erythroniums also fade away over time. 

	Suggestions.			Jim W. 
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