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Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:01:00 PDT
Sanitary practices for shipping. Pretty basic. No dirt. No signs of fungus, no soft spots, bulbs should be dry, firm and intact, i.e. no cuts or slices.  This holds for seeds but with seeds you don't want to send any without cleaning the seed so there should be no chaff, leaves, etc. If the seeds are not clean, Luminita really, really can't take the time to clean them. She's looking at 80+ orders on this round and that number of requests is coming to be common! Ditto bulbs. She has mentioned receiving them dirty, with dead leaves, signs of rot, fungus, etc. Not commonly but it has happened. They should look like a package you get at the store of bulbs in dry peat and airy bags. You don't see those with dirt or dead leaves...

Most important - watch the sizes you send to the BX. Exchanges between individuals can be whatever the donor and recipient want, but for PBS purposes, they need to be small so contact Luminita first with any questions.

Good topic. Carry on. I'd like to hear more tips.

Robin Hansen
President, PBS

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