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Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:56:25 PDT
Robin says:
Judy's reply regarding snipping off tops to allow herbicide to go into tubes of leaves is so sensible, I can hardly wait to try it! I'll also use a few drops of detergent as a sticker.Perhaps someone with technical knowledge can weigh in, but I'm not sure adding soap or detergent will help as a surfactant with Round Up.  Glyphosate likes to latch on to particulates so tightly, that it renders the chemical "inactive" for plants.  This is why it is recommended never to use dirty water, and use as clean water as possible to mix it.  Since soaps and detergents molecules have both polarized ends and a non-polarized ends, logically it would seem that they could latch on to glyphosate quite easily, whatever the bonding mode may be, and render the Round Up less active (?).  In addition, if applying to a cut surface, there is no waxy coating to overcome in plant sap. What would be the purpose of an additional surfactant, on top of a surfactant already in the product that is made specifically 
 to work with active ingredient?   This is only what I consider sound conjecture on my part.  Comments? Rick RodichJust west of Minneapolis, MN, where ramps don't mind a south facing hillside, as long as spring moisture is ample.
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