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Hello Danny 

Veltheimia bracteata is a robust and very forgiving plant and difficult to kill. It can outlive its gardener as a pot plant and is a great plant in the open garden in a suitable climate. See the attached picture.
You do not state where you live but you mention a HOT greenhouse. Well..... hot conditions for a winter growing plant means it’s time to prepare for summer dormancy. And if that happens at the wrong time (during full growth) it may kill a fragile winter grower but not a Veltheimia. But it will unnecessarily stress your plant. Veltheimia likes half shaded frost free but cool conditions during growth and a short dormancy which is not baking hot and brutally dry. Pot plants in cool rooms can remain evergreen.
If the compost is well drained they like a lot of water but do not want to stand in a saucer full of water or be otherwise waterlogged.
Moving your plant out of the hot greenhouse to somewhere fresh and half shaded should do the job.

Happy growing 

The picture shows a spot in my garden where Veltheimia grows happily with Hippeastrum papilio (in the background) Salvia, Cyrtanthus and a very large clump of Zantedeschia. This spot receives moderate summer water during the hot and dry Portuguese summer and gets some hours of sun.  The white spots and holes in the leaves are due to two violent hail storms that went over my garden.

Bye for now 


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