Veltheimia bracteata Leaves Drooping

Danny Wylie via pbs
Sat, 20 Mar 2021 19:46:31 PDT
Hi all,

I'm new to growing V. bracteata (and just about any geophyte really) but
was hoping to get some advice from someone more experienced. I seem to be
having pretty good success with growing it so far but have noticed that the
leaf tips tend to flop throughout the day and perk back up overnight. I
tried to see if temperature had anything to do with it so I took it out of
the hot greenhouse and put it in a full shade spot when temps were at 55
for the day, but didn't get better results. I'm growing it in a blend of
pebbles and miracle gro with slightly more organic matter. My guess is my
watering is off. It seems to do better when I keep the media wetter but am
hesitant in giving it more water out of fear I'll rot the bulb or roots. So
far I think the root system is doing well as I see a healthy root sticking
out the bottom.

Does anyone find these bulbs like to be on the wetter side during their
growing season? Do they like to be bone dry during dormancy? Any
advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Danny Wylie
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