Alophia, Amorphophallus & Pyrgophyllum Germination

Joe G via pbs
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 07:16:31 PST
hey all,

I was very excited to receive Alophia drummondii, Amorphophallus kiusianus,
and Pyrgophyllum yunnanense seed through the NARGS and Hardy Plant Society
Mid-Atlantic Group seed exchanges this year. For Amorphophallus kiusianus
and Pyrgophyllum yunnanense I could find little information online.

One Amorphophallus seed has already germinated in the vermiculite it was
shipped in - are the seeds recalcitrant and germinate without
stratification, or should I keep them at refrigerator temperatures for a
month or two like any other moist-packed seed I've received?

I've heard Pyrgophyllum described like a Roscoea, though I'm not sure how
closely they're related, or if cultivation is similar. If I remember right,
there are three different germination syndromes for Roscoea (germ warm,
cold stratification required, germ cold). Most gingers I've grown from seed
sprout easily at warm temperatures. Any tips?

Everywhere online seems point to Alophia drummondii requiring multiple
3-month cold/warm cycles. I'm wondering: in the wild, where parts of its
range have <200 chilling hours (around a week's worth of fridge time), do
the seeds lay dormant for many years? Are there other factors that degrade
the seeds' germination inhibitors? Has anyone had luck with other
germination aids, like GA3, KNO3 or liquid smoke?

-joe on the VA-TN border, where snowdrops, tommies and daffodils are
finally blooming, three weeks later than last year.
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