Narcissus albimarginatus

Chris Lovell via pbs
Wed, 03 Mar 2021 06:00:00 PST
Jane, N albimarginatus seems to do OK here in UK in a raised bed in 
well-drained neutral soil which is somewhat shaded in summer and if N 
calcicola does well with you there's a good chance that albimarginatus 
would like similar conditions. I imagine it wouldn't like to be too 
dried out in summer. It's exciting that it seems to be thriving with you 
and others as it is somewhat threatened in the wild, more from 
collectors than a major change in its habitat. Good luck with 
pollination! In Portugal, I have seen N calcicola growing in pockets of 
leaf mould on limestone and I am sure, as you say, the soil is acidic. 
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