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Thu, 25 Mar 2021 18:34:00 PDT
Hey Robin,

Thanks so much for setting out some standard practices as a reminder as we
start shipping to Luminita and each other too.  I’d be happy to compile any
other suggestions as they come in for the group? May be a nice thing to
send out every March just as a reminder.  Also a shout out to Luminita
again for compiling and shipping over 80 pkgs to all of us this week.
Thank You Luminita!

San Diego enjoying a rainy day
Zone 23

Ramps may grow many places..,.

82nd Annual Rampson Ramp Festival is on 5-15-21 in Richwood WV!!

These folks turn them into a culinary happening.

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 5:01 PM R Hansen via pbs <
pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net> wrote:

> Sanitary practices for shipping. Pretty basic. No dirt. No signs of
> fungus, no soft spots, bulbs should be dry, firm and intact, i.e. no cuts
> or slices.  This holds for seeds but with seeds you don't want to send any
> without cleaning the seed so there should be no chaff, leaves, etc. If the
> seeds are not clean, Luminita really, really can't take the time to clean
> them. She's looking at 80+ orders on this round and that number of requests
> is coming to be common! Ditto bulbs. She has mentioned receiving them
> dirty, with dead leaves, signs of rot, fungus, etc. Not commonly but it has
> happened. They should look like a package you get at the store of bulbs in
> dry peat and airy bags. You don't see those with dirt or dead leaves...
> Most important - watch the sizes you send to the BX. Exchanges between
> individuals can be whatever the donor and recipient want, but for PBS
> purposes, they need to be small so contact Luminita first with any
> questions.
> Good topic. Carry on. I'd like to hear more tips.
> Robin Hansen
> President, PBS
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