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Drydown is also used in lentil and bean fields in Idaho.  

Roundup is also said to be connected to other problems in the gut.  

Best t to stick with organic versions.

Colleen NE Calif and Idaho

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On a side note, in the US, farmers apparently use Roundup on their wheat fields to wither the plants and make it easier to harvest, whereas in EU this practice is forbidden.  It's been suggested that at least some cases of celiac disease are, in fact, Roundup allergy.  One writer said when he was vacationing in Italy, he ate pasta all the time and had no problems at all, but back home he would again have problems with it.  Not being a physician, I don't have an opinion on that one, just passing it along as an intriguing observation.

Surfactants are in some cases very problematical compounds and many aren't as benign as dish soap.  Nonylphenol, for example, has a molecule that is similar in shape at one end to estrogen and it can, in fact, bind to estrogen receptors.  Pretty easy to connect the dots on that one!

I'm very much in favor of localized, limited applications rather than hosing my driveway (to take that extreme example).  One gardener came up with the idea of taking a small plastic flower pot and cutting a hole in the middle of the bottom, poking the spray nozzle of the tank through the hole, and gluing it in place.  The pot therefore forms a collar around the nozzle (like the cone that keeps a dog from biting himself) and you can just lower it right over the weed and pull the trigger.

I'm working on even more localized application to kill certain really annoying weeds in the greenhouse that are impossible to pull out of the pot without completely repotting the orchid.  I'd love something like a felt-tip pen full of Roundup but I haven't yet perfected it.

Bob    Zone 7

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