Best way to ship evergreen species

R Hansen via pbs
Tue, 16 Mar 2021 16:17:01 PDT

It will depend how big your plants are, but I find damp peat in plastic bags carefully packed in the smallest boxes possible to keep postage low to be the best plan. I suppose you could use coir but I have no experience of it.  Very small sturdy boxes are best for these seedlings. Oh, yes, always ship on a Monday and preferably first class so they arrive by Saturday.

Although I should mention that a bill I mailed took twelve days before it hit the bank. Needless to say, I requested a credit for the following late charge and received it. 

I think these types of 'in-the-green' seedlings may be best mentioned as available directly from you for a small sum including postage as there is a limit to how much Luminita can handle, especially anything needing onward shipment and special handling. She has so many orders now for each BX/SX that seeds and dormant bulbs are best for her to manage.

This is the advantage of emailing the list to let everyone know about your special plants. Also, as you know, the BX/SX is only available to PBS members. If you are open to any members of the list, non-member as well as member, that is up to you. However, if you are limiting it to PBS members, please say so clearly.

Hope this helps anyone who would like to contribute live plants. Just please make sure they have roots and are well-watered before shipping. The peat will maintain the moisture and prevent mold, etc.


Robin Hansen
President, PBS

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