Eucomis seed

Robert Lauf via pbs
Wed, 24 Nov 2021 08:18:41 PST
 As I recall, even with pretty diligent hand-pollination, my pole-evansii didn't yield a lot of seeds compared to many of the hybrids.  This is why we're continuing to build out the species bank with plants from different accessions in the hope of crossing different clones to get more vigorous seeds of all the species.
Pole-evansii is an impressively huge plant, but the leaves often tend to break in the middle and flop over.  Whenever one of my seedlings does that, it goes into the trash immediately, so I'm not really keen on using p-e for hybridization.  On the other hand, this behavior might be specific to the clone I have, or related to my particular climate and soil, so I might be giving it a bum rap.  If others have experience with this species I'd love to hear it!
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