Eucomis seed

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Hi. If you look at the name on some of the leaf cutting photos on the 
PBS website you will see I am familiar with the technique. Never tried 
it with this species, mainly because mine never looks very healthy in 
the summer growing in my dry garden. Just opened the lowest/earliest 
(it's getting dark) creamy coloured pod and it has brown seed in it, but 
most of the fertilised pods are still green. Guess I will have to cut 
the 2 stems and just try ripening/drying them. Note this is after ~4-5 
years I am still only getting 2 flower stems. 'Had 3 last year. It may 
of course be a hybrid with another species/form in my garden, assuming 
my original plant was true.

Brian Whyer, SE UK

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Seems like we have a missing link above, there are quite a few You Tube 
videos for the search:
Propagating Pineapple Lily from Leaves
This is one: 
The PBS wiki has a new page on leaf cuttings:… 

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