microwaved pollen

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Wed, 26 Jan 2022 07:44:11 PST
For everyone's information: Uli has agreed to write an article complete with
photos, etc. on this amazing subject of Microwaved Pollen! It will be
available in three forms - here on the list, on the PBS wiki, and will be
published in the Bulb Garden. This way everyone will have access to this
valuable information.

A further note ---- don't hesitate to introduce diverse and technical topics
to the List. Our members cover a wide range, from neophyte bulb growers to
highly experienced experts. The advantage to PBS is that people are learning
to come to PBS for all sorts of information, technical or not, and for the
terrific photos our members publish. And furthermore, it can generate
interest in and willingness to perform scientific studies on the part of
university students and other qualified people that will benefit all of us.

Which brings me to another subject - Mary Sue Ittner Bulb Grants for bulb
studies. Perhaps you know someone who qualifies for a grant and if so,
encourage them to send in an application. The applications are available on
our website; the deadline this year is about May 1, 2022. Right now is not
too soon to be thinking about applying.

That said, a member has given PBS a donation to help a qualified student or
other individual with further exploration on the topic of microwaved pollen.

And just one more item --- we are still in need of a Bulb Exchange Director
for the U.S. Please contact me if you are interested or have questions about
what's involved. You may think it's more involved than it is, and I'll be
happy to arrange a phone call or a zoom call to answer questions if you need
further information. This would occur twice a year and the seed exchange is
now separate from the bulb exchange, so the job has been simplified and the
mailings have been reduced.

2022 promises to be a busy year as yet again we'll be forging a new path.
Local and regional plant sales are returning as are plant conferences, so
there is hope we can get out and share the pleasure of growing.


Robin Hansen
President, PBS

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