Microwaved Pollen

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Hello Carlos and Tim,

Thank you very much for your comments on microwaved pollen.

Tim, the seed which forms after microwaving the pollen is definitely viable. Not all pollinated flowers will set seed, with the method I used I had a success rate of 50-60% of pollinated flowers, the others aborted. 
I have done it before with a less systematic approach and got a small number of seed from other plants. Those seeds which form will always germinate. I will include this topic as well as your point of possible hybridization in the discussion of the method once I have it ready.

For Albuca clanwilliamigloria seed from Pérouse I share your view, Carlos. The seed is much smaller than my seed and the resulting seedlings look different even at this young stage. My plant has been correctly identified. The picture shows the Pérouse seedlings on the left and the seedlings from microwaved pollen on the right. They are grown in the same tray outside, the same substrate and were sown on two consecutive days on November 21st versus 22nd. 
It would not be the first time that seed of Albuca clanwilliamigloria is misnamed. The true species is rare. But of course, it can only be finally judged once they flower.

Here is the picture of the two seedlings with the same name.

Bye for now 


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