Botrytis on Cyclamen coum

Nils Hasenbein via pbs
Sun, 30 Jan 2022 12:24:53 PST
Dear all,

I bought a small pot of Cyclamen coum in autumn. As it had healthy 
leaves when it arrived, i didn't re-pot. The substrate seems to consist 
of some fine, fibrous, woody material. It sits on a sheltered 
south-facing windowsill where it gets no rain. I watered it very little, 
as the substrate seems to retain moisture very well - and likely too well.

After a few weeks, it started loosing leaves, one by one, which turn to 
mush at their base and show grey fuzzy mould, likely Botrytis, and the 
problem is getting worse.

I am considering two options: Let it dry out and wait until it goes 
dormant and, assuming the mould didn't kill it, clean the dormant tuber 
and re-pot into steriilzed soil, or re-pot now in sterilized soil. What 
do you think is the better option, or do you have another suggestions?

Thank you for any suggestions,


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