Botrytis on Cyclamen coum

R Hansen via pbs
Sun, 30 Jan 2022 13:53:10 PST
Nils has a problem with botrytis  on Cyclamen coum, and the first thing I'd
do is repot into a fast-draining mix, then water from the bottom and maybe
add about 1/4 dose of liquid fertilizer. The combination of damp soil, lack
of air circulation, inside habitat, etc. are all probably contributing
factors. I have a couple coum inside in a garden window facing west right
now. They're only here while they flower and will go out again shortly. Few
cyclamen like to be inside, especially the species. I have rolfsianum in
this same garden window, and it's clear they are not getting enough light.

I've not ever had botrytis on indoor cyclamen and always change potting soil
the minute I buy one, florist's hybrid or not. Hope this helps. Coum do like
more moisture so keep an eye on them; you can check the watering status by
lifting the pot up. The lighter it is, the drier it is. As soon as you can,
put the coum outside for more light and air circulation, even if it's only
out during the day. Protect from freezing however in its weakened state.

Robin Hansen
Southwestern Oregon
Cold, sunny shifting to rain, at last.

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