Winter in the Algarve (Mandragora)

Brian Whyer via pbs
Sat, 15 Jan 2022 15:20:06 PST

My M. officinarum seems almost indestructible in largish pots, for many 
years. Divide them occasionally but not a showy plant for potential 
sale. The fruit is better than the flowers (blue green, spring form); at 
least until eaten by slugs. Don't know if pets might eat it.

Brian Whyer, SE UK
You might be aware that the taxonomic status of M. officinarum and 
autumnalis is an on and off - discussion, which seems currently in favor 
of separate species. Anyway, mine was bought as autumnalis, but flowers 
in April to May for me and looks a lot like the  officinarum depicted on 
PotW - at least southern Germany allows for an outdoor planting, maybe 
you could try it yourself. As nice as the lush version in Uli's picture 
is, I guess less lush may be more useful in the garden.
grew M. autumnalis from seed about 15 years ago (it was said to be 
easier to grow than M. officinalis, and I wanted to give a Mandrake to a 
friend who had asked about them after reading Harry Potter). It was easy 
to grow in a pot, and it flowered ok, but the plant was in no way as 
lush and beautiful as these.

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