Winter in the Algarve (Mandragora)

Garak via pbs
Sat, 15 Jan 2022 15:00:57 PST

You might be aware that the taxonomic status of M. officinarum and 
autumnalis is an on and off - discussion, which seems currently in favor 
of separate species. Anyway, mine was bought as autumnalis, but flowers 
in April to May for me and looks a lot like the  officinarum depicted on 
PotW - at least southern Germany allows for an outdoor planting, maybe 
you could try it yourself. As nice as the lush version in Uli's picture  
is, I guess less lush may be more useful in the garden.


Am 15.01.2022 um 23:29 schrieb Nils Hasenbein via pbs:
> grew M. autumnalis from seed about 15 years ago (it was said to be easier to grow than M. officinalis, and I wanted to give a Mandrake to a friend who had asked about them after reading Harry Potter). It was easy to grow in a pot, and it flowered ok, but the plant was in no way as lush and beautiful as these.

Martin (pronoun: he)
Southern Germany
Likely zone 7a
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