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Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:23:29 PST
PBS would like to announce that Jan Jeddeloh, of Portland, Oregon has now taken the position of seed distribution manager and will hold the status with PBS of appointed board member. Jan has many years of experience with North American Rock Garden Society seed exchanges and is exceptionally knowledgeable about plants in general. She is also a bulb nut and has a greenhouse in Zone 7, west of the downtown Portland area. She will be assisted by Jane McGary, who is on the board and has similar experience over many years.


Because the PBS Board has decided to split the US Exchange Manager position into two – seed and bulb – we are now searching for a volunteer  (and PBS member) to handle the bulb exchange. Given that PBS is now at approximately 460 members,  and that bulb exchanges are a vital and special part of membership in the society, managing just the bulb exchange should reduce the workload for the bulb exchange manager. There are no other changes expected.


If you have a fairly broad knowledge of bulbs, are organized and willing to learn new software, or have previous experience, please consider volunteering. Because we strive to name our offerings according to the latest rules of nomenclature, proofreading bulb and seed offerings before they are announced will be provided. At this point, we are limiting the bulb exchange to two distributions a year. You will need Excel and Word for either MAC or PC and have good internet connectivity. To facilitate safe mailing of a spring distribution, residence of the bulb manager in a relative mild climate would be helpful.


Please reply to Robin Hansen or another PBS board member directly, not to the PBS List.




Robin Hansen

President, Pacific Bulb Society


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