Eucrosia bicolor

Chad Cox via pbs
Mon, 31 Jan 2022 11:24:19 PST
Hello fellow bulb lovers,

First off I want to say I’ve been really enjoying the pictures that members have been posting and also the dialogue regarding microwaving pollen to facilitate self-pollination. I wish I had more time to contribute and post but between work and kids and bulbs I just find that time is fleeting these days. Anyways, thanks everyone, and I hope to participate more in the future.

I have around 40 or so smaller Eucrosia bicolor bulbs that I don’t need. I would love to donate these to the exchange but my understanding is we still don’t have a coordinator? Also it might be too early for an exchange? I wanted to reach out and see if there was any interest in these? If it is not possible to donate to the exchange I can send some to interested parties for the cost of shipping only. If you are interested please contact me privately at

Chad in very dry Elverta CA where my unheated greenhouse temperatures have not gone below 40 yet this year…

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Chad L. Cox, Ph.D.
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