Botrytis on Cyclamen coum

Nils Hasenbein via pbs
Mon, 31 Jan 2022 02:13:40 PST
Thank you for your suggestions! The way forward seems clear, so I will 
re-pot as soon as possible and consider your other hints when I see how 
tuber and roots are doing.

As I wasn't clear in my mail: It is actually standing outdoors, so I was 
reluctant to diagnose botrytis as I think it should be too cold for it, 
but it matches all descriptions and my experience with strawberries, and 
cold may explain why I loose one leaf every week, which seems a slow 
rate for a full, moist, warm botritis infection. In winter, this is just 
a very damp region.




In Germany, where we had some snow which is now turning to mush while it 
continues to drizzle.

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