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Thu, 10 Mar 2022 12:18:28 PST
Dear Members in the EU.

The next EU bulb and seed exchange is now open for orders, as usual we 
have a time window over the weekend, ordering phase closes on Monday the 
14th at 24:00h Central European Time. The closure will be announced in 
this list. Orders received within this period will be dealt with at 
random, so that everybody will have the same chance to get the rare and 
sought after items. This is the first exchange for this spring, 
donations can still be maid for a second distribution phase around the 
mid of April.

Please remember, that only fully paid members can order from this 
exchange. If you are not sure about your membership status or if you are 
tempted to join now, please get in touch with our treasurer Arnold 
Trachtenberg (arnold140@verizon.net). You do not need to be a donor to 
be entitled to order from this list but maybe you will become a donor in 
the future?  The number of items you can order is not limited, you are 
allocated one portion of each ordered item but please refrain from 
asking "one of each" from this extensive list.

As Brexit is now real and all grace periods are over, we sadly can not 
accept any orders from the UK.

MARTIN BOHNET IN GERMANY: ( garak@code-garak.de) He is the director of 
the EU Seed and Bulb Exchange. Your order cannot be dealt with if you 
send it to the list by using the reply button.

And please do not forget to let Martin have your postal address.

Pricing and Payment

Seeds are 2 US$ per portion, bulbs cost 3 US$. Very big or very rare 
bulbs may be more expensive. Left over seed from previous exchanges 
(numbers EX03_??? and EX02_??? ) are offered at a reduced price of 1US$. 
Postage is added to your order at cost. Please wait with your payment 
until you received your order, it will contain a payment slip with the 
sum due in US-Dollars. If you are a donor your credit will be deducted.

Payment for the EU BX/SX can only be made in US Dollars and only through 
PayPal. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in 
the payment form. https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/bx.html 
<https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/bx.html> It is a tremendous help for 
our treasurer if you do not forget to put in the BX-Number and your 
name. Please wait with payment until your order is checked for 
availability after the ordering phase.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Uli if you have questions ( 

This is an announcement for the EU BX only, the US based BX continues 

Happy browsing!

Here are the items available in EX04:

 From Pavel Andel (all seeds)

EX04_001 Begonia dregei
EX04_002 Drimia uniflora DMC 13646 W. of Ladismith
EX04_003 Othonna triplinervia
EX04_004 Othonna triplinervia x Othonna herrei
EX04_005 Oxalis pachyrhiza Santa Rosa de Tastil, Arg
EX04_006 Zephyranthes grandiflora

 From Martin Bohnet

EX04_007 Bletilla ochracea
EX04_008 Cautleya spicata ‚Crûg‘s canary‘
EX04_009 Dioscorea polystachia (leaf bulbils)

EX04_010 Agave bulliana
EX04_011 Arisaema consanguineum
EX04_012 Asclepias tuberosa
EX04_013 Bobartia orientalis
EX04_014 Bomarea edulis
EX04_015 Diplarrhena latifolia
EX04_016 Tigridia pavonia orange seed parent

from Peter Dinges:

EX04_017 Pinellia tripartita'

EX04_018 Agapanthus inapertus pendulus
EX04_019 Albuca humilis
EX04_020 Allium cyaneum, originally received as A. beesianum
EX04_021 Begonia grandis ssp. sinensis (Bulbills)
EX04_022 Dietes iridioides
EX04_023 Dipcadi serotinum
EX04_024 Eucomis autumnalis
EX04_025 Freesia laxa, salmon with red dots
EX04_026 Lophospermum erubescens 'Alba'
EX04_027 Maurandya wislizeni 'Red Dragon'
EX04_028 Ornithogalum candicans (Syn. Galtonia c.)

 From Hans Joschko (all seeds):

EX04_029 Atropa belladonna
EX04_030 Ceratotheca triloba
EX04_031 Dioscorea communis
EX04_032 Ennealophus fimbriatus
EX04_033 Euonymus myrianthus
EX04_034 Impatiens namchabarwensis
EX04_035 Ipomoea (Quamoclit) lobata
EX04_036 Ipomoea purpurea
EX04_037 Ipomoea tricolor 'Pearly  Gates'
EX04_038 Ipomoea 'vulkan'
EX04_039 Ipomoea x sloteri
EX04_040 Leonurus cardica
EX04_041 Solanum nigrum
EX04_042 Solanum pyracanthum
EX04_043 Staphylea trifolia
EX04_044 Stylophorum lasiocarpum
EX04_045 Tulbaghia violacea var macmasterii

 From Uli Urban

EX04_046 Albuca pulchra
EX04_047 X Achimenantha Ohio’s Never say Never
EX04_048 X Achimenantha Ohio’s Punkin
EX04_049 Achimenes E. Nelson
EX04_050 Achimenes grandiflora
EX04_051 Achimenes heterophylla
EX04_052 Achimenes pedunculata
EX04_053 Achimenes pulcherrima
EX04_054 Curcuma alismatifolia
EX04_055 Dioscorea discolor
EX04_056 Eucodonia Cecilia
EX04_057 Eucodonia Maike
EX04_058 Eucodonia spec.
EX04_059 Lilium speciosum Rubrum ‚Uchida‘
EX04_060 Neomarica spec (nov?) tall blue and beige
EX04_061 Nymphaea Hybrid Doris Holt, leaf bulbs
EX04_062 Sauromatum horsfieldii
EX04_063 Seemannia nematanthodes
EX04_064 Seemannia purpurascens
EX04_065 X Smithicodonia Heartlands Joy
EX04_066 X Smithicodonia Rfs Grandiosa
EX04_067 Spathantheum orbignyanum

EX04_068 Albuca pulchra
EX04_069 Aponogeton distachyus
EX04_070 Arisaema consanguineum
EX04_071 Phalocallis coelestis syn. Cypella gigantea
EX04_072 Dahlia excelsa, ID not 100% definite
EX04_073 Dahlia rosea, white
EX04_074 Datura wrightii
EX04_075 Lilium White Triumphator
EX04_076 Milla magnifica
EX04_077 Tradescantia boliviana
EX04_078 Zantedeschia albomaculata
EX04_079 Zantedeschia jucunda

from Aart vanVororst (all seeds)

EX04_080 Clivia gardenii Everton  strain
EX04_081 Clivia robusta (Maxima x Breanan Farm)

 From Jan-Willem Vos(all seeds)

EX04_082 Aristea ecklonii
EX04_083 Arthropodium cirratum
EX04_084 Beschorneria septentrionalis
EX04_085 Chlorophytum bowkeri
EX04_086 Habranthus brachyandrus
EX04_087 Laxmannia gracilis
EX04_088 Laxmannia squarrosa
EX04_089 Lomandra leucocephala ssp robusta
EX04_090 Lomandra spicata
EX04_091 Moraea brittenieae
EX04_092 Othrosanthus polystachyus
EX04_093 Patersonia lanata
EX04_094 Phalocallis coelestis
EX04_095 Sisyrinchium californicum
EX04_096 Tulbaghia violacea

Leftovers from the 2021 fall exchanges (all seeds):

EX03_001 Allium cernuum
EX03_002 Allium flavum
EX03_004 Camassia leichtlinii cream
EX03_007 Hemerocallis hybrid, diploid, 1st/2nd gen from „Frans Hals“
EX03_008 Hesperantha cuculata
EX03_010 Paradisea lusitanica
EX03_022 Albuca aurea
EX03_023 Albuca setosa
EX03_025 Habranthus graciliflora
EX03_026 Habranthus robustus
EX03_030 Romulea rosea var australis
EX03_046 Alium giganteum
EX03_048 Sisyrinchium montanum
EX03_054 Arisaema flavum
EX03_057 Pelargonium gibbosum
EX03_085 Albuca albucoides
EX03_088 Albuca c.f flaccida
EX03_091 Anemone palmata
EX03_092 Freesia alba
EX03_093 Freesia caryophyllacea
EX03_095 Gladiolus italicus
EX03_097 Gladiolus splendens
EX03_099 Hesperantha bachmannii
EX03_100 Hippeastrum Sonatini 'Pink Rascal' X 'Amputo'
EX03_101 Hyacinthoides flacoultiana
EX03_102 Ipheion 'Alberto Castillo'
EX03_103 Iris xiphium blue, ex cultivated plants
EX03_104 Iris xiphium var lusitanica, bright yellow, ex cultivated plants
EX03_108 Lachenalia mediana
EX03_109 Lachenalia mutabilis
EX03_110 Lachenalia namaquensis
EX03_111 Lachenalia pauciflora
EX03_112 Lachenalia quadricolor
EX03_113 Lachenalia salteri, selected good forms
EX03_114 Lachenalia ventricusa
EX03_115 Moraea ochroleuca
EX03_116 Moraea polystachya
EX03_117 Moraea sisyrinchium
EX03_118 Narcissus bulbocodium
EX03_120 Ornithogalum dubium
EX03_121 Scilla cilicica
EX03_122 Scilla hyacinthoides
EX03_123 Scilla peruviana 'Grand Bleu' particularly dark blue
EX03_125 Sparaxis elegans
EX03_126 Triteleia ixioides
EX03_127 Tropaeolum brachyceras
EX03_286 Iris mesopotamica
EX03_288 Iris versicolor
EX03_289 Pancatium maritinum
EX03_290 Cardiocrinum giganteum
EX03_291 Codonopsis pilosula
EX03_295 Lilium sargentieae
EX03_296 Agapanthus cultivar blue & white 45cm decidous
EX03_297 Agapanthus cultivar 45cm decidous
EX03_298 Agapanthus ex Kirstenbosch blue 90 cm decidous
EX03_299 Allium sikkimense
EX03_300 Arum creticum
EX03_301 Arum italicum subsp italicum ‚Marmoratum‘
EX03_302 Bellevalia paradoxa
EX03_303 Dierama mixed hybrids
EX03_304 Freesia laxa
EX03_305 Freesia laxa red form
EX03_306 Iris foetedissima
EX03_307 Ixia viridiflora
EX03_308 Libertia spec.
EX03_309 Muscari armenaicum type A
EX03_310 Muscari armenaicum type B
EX03_311 Muscai aucheri
EX03_312 Muscai aucheri ex ocean magic
EX03_313 Muscari latifolium
EX03_314 Muscari racemosa
EX03_315 Romulea bulbocodium
EX03_317 Watsonia sp red ex Kirstenbosch (evergreen)
EX03_324 Lilum pumilum
EX03_325 Allium aff. oporinanthum
EX03_327 Ethesia (Syn Ornithogalum) xanthochlora
EX03_330 Narcissus confusus
EX03_331 Pelargonium mollicomum
EX03_332 Pelargonium spec. small leaves, winter grower
EX03_345 Acis autumnalis
EX03_347 Drimia maritima common form

leftovers from the 2021 spring exchanges (all seeds):

EX02_005 Hosta ex ‚Empress Wu‘, open polinated
EX02_008 Agapanthus cultivar 45cm, deciduous
EX02_009 Alstroemeria psittacina
EX02_010 Dactylicapnos scandens
EX02_011 Freesia laxa red form
EX02_012 Hesperantha baurii
EX02_013 Iris ensata (blue)
EX02_014 Iris foetidissima
EX02_015 Scilla peruviana
EX02_016 Watsonia sp. red ex Kirstenbosch (labeled meriana?)
EX02_017 Albuca abyssinica Syn. A. bainesii
EX02_018 Albuca humilis ex Lesotho
EX02_019 Albuca tenuifolia Syn. A. shawii
EX02_023 Allium flavum
EX02_029 Dietes iridioides
EX02_037 Allium tuberosum
EX02_040 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
EX02_043 Habranthus tubispathus
EX02_047 Lilium henryi
EX02_050 Drimia purpurascens (syn. undulata) ex Bellús
EX02_051 Iris xiphium (syn. Xiphion vulgare) ex Albufera
EX02_058 Narcissus confusus
EX02_075 Allium giganteum
EX02_079 Iris domestica
EX02_080 Iris setosa
EX02_081 Iris sibirica
EX02_084 Sisyrinchium montanum
EX02_087 Chasmanthe bicolor
EX02_088 Eryngium „Miss Wilmot‘s Ghost“
EX02_089 Melanoselium decipiens
EX02_090 Watsonia „Dart Sea Trout“
EX02_093 Ceropegia woodii
EX02_094 Albucca spec. ex roscoff
EX02_096 Lilium ex „White Triumphator“
EX02_098 Zantedeschia albomaculata

Martin & Uli

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