Changes Coming to the USDA Plant and Seed Import Permits System

James Shao via pbs
Sun, 01 May 2022 07:36:34 PDT
I did a small lots permit under the new eFile and it is indeed easier,
though I didn't get an email saying the permit was issued.  Also, new
labels are reusable, but port specific so you download a label for each
port and keep using that one if that port is the one you want to use.


On Sun, May 1, 2022, 7:02 AM XYZ2 in Virginia via pbs <> wrote:

> I received the following email from a USDA plant and seed import specialist
> on April 28th.  I include it here to give PBS members in the USA with a
> plant and/or seed import permit advance notice (in case you weren't already
> aware) that changes are soon to come.  The current ePermits system is being
> replaced with a new eFile system.  Amendments to the current system will
> soon no longer be allowed.  Furthermore, all permits will have to
> transition
> to the new eFile system in the fairly near future.  Hopefully the new eFile
> system will be easier to use.  The full text of the USDA email follows from
> here..
> As a courtesy, I have processed your application P587-220424-001 and
> amended
> your permit (P37-20-02618). This permit is still active and expires on
> 10/13/2023. However, once ePermits is taken offline, you will no longer be
> able to Amend this permit.
> Please be aware that ePermits has been replaced with our new and automated
> eFile permitting system. ePermits is being taken offline and will be
> decommissioned in the coming months; however, we don't have an exact date
> of
> when that will occur. Once ePermits is officially taken offline,
> stakeholder
> (such as yourself) will no longer have access to the system or be able to
> submit amendment applications into ePermits.  Additionally, our permitting
> specialists will also lose access and will not be able to process any
> submitted amendment applications within the older, replaced ePermits
> system.
> Currently, our specialists are no longer able to RENEW permits or issue NEW
> permits in the ePermits system. Permits that were issued in the older
> ePermits system are not available or accessible in the new eFile automated
> permitting system. Your permit will not transfer over to eFile.
> APHIS recommends that applicants log into eFile and create a new account,
> if
> he/she hasn't already done so. Your eAuthentication credentials (current
> user name and password) should still be valid and the link to create a new
> account in the eFile system is as follows:
>  <>  (Note: you
> should also see a link to eFile when you log into your ePermits account)
> Once you have created your new account in eFile, you will be able to apply
> for a NEW permit for your future import needs (again, any permit that was
> issued in the replaced ePermits system will NOT be available or accessible
> in eFile). Permits generated and issued within eFile will be eligible for
> any subsequent and necessary amendments - as well as for Renewal, when
> eligible. We appreciate your patience while we are updating our customer
> service portal. Thank You.
> For questions, please call 877-770-5990.
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