Arisaema consanguineum picture

David Pilling via pbs
Sat, 26 Nov 2022 14:13:53 PST

Picture available on the PBS forum here:…

(re-posted the link because the picture moved).

> On 26/11/2022 14:50, 2csh via pbs wrote:
>>   So for those of you waiting for the late Arisaema consanguineum 
>> seeds, here is a picture of the very attractive leaf with the silver 
>> centered leaflets. It is so late that I think most of you in colder 
>> climates would do fine with it as a year-round garden plant with 
>> little risk of frost or freeze damage, unlike some of the earliest 
>> Japanese ones. I anticipate sending the seeds of this one along with 
>> the rest of my Arisaema seeds to Jan in a week.
>> Charles Hunter

David Pilling
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