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David Pilling via pbs
Mon, 13 Feb 2023 04:52:09 PST

 From my perspective, the forum came from users not from the board. We 
had years of the 'list being criticized as unfit to be on the internet, 
and a forum being touted as the solution.

We're not limited to the current mailman 2 software. Let me know if you 
have a better solution.

My preferences:

open source, non-proprietary, free
ability for users to choose their delivery format (html or text, 
pictures or not)
web-archive which we own
run under PBS domain name.

There's the 'audience' problem, we've run a low bandwidth text maillist 
for many years, the current users are those who like that solution. 
Changing to anything else will upset more than it will please.

I like the admin burden is much smaller. What I have against 
it, is that they want a lot of money to run it under your own domain.

I can flick a switch and this will be a html 'list with pictures. But is 
anyone going to be unhappy when they get 100MB of pictures in their mailbox.

When we did have pictures on the 'list, I got complaints that the size 
allowed (many MB) was too small.

David Pilling
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