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Lesley Richardson via pbs
Mon, 13 Feb 2023 07:36:01 PST
Agree with Ulrich. Keeping a website, emails etc., safe from being hacked
and in good order is a lot of work and I am grateful, even as a lapsed
member. The knowledge shared so freely with us all is priceless.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2023, 5:21 PM Johannes-Ulrich Urban via pbs <> wrote:

> Hello Ottoline, Robert and hello All,
> Having read the comments on the email list in the recent postings, I would
> like to  mention some points.
> It was a thoroughly discussed and long prepared decision of the board to
> start the forum. Within the email list there was more and more criticism
> that it was technically outdated and very many people had difficulties in
> posting pictures or did not succeed at all. Every time this happened the
> issue was taken on individually by our webmaster David who is working in
> the background, mostly invisible but still like clockwork. Please consider
> his workload which had to be reduced. So pictures can no longer be posted
> in the old email list. The management of an email list is also a time
> consuming process handled by several members, invisible and in the
> background as well.
> All this is much easier with a forum, demanding much less manpower.
> Those of you who receive the list in digest form (like me) will have
> sighed not only once about the chain of replies to replies to replies……
> often difficult to find the actual new message; that alone was a reason to
> do something about it.
> We are aware that the transition to the new forum may be difficult for
> some participants. Speaking for myself I found it difficult too and I have
> always liked the email list. My very first start with a computer, internet
> and email was with this list and the Pacific Bulb Society. I am not the
> youngest and I am for sure not a computer nerd……
> But now I find the forum easy to use.
> We have offered help, this offer is still valid, please contact one of the
> board members if you need assistance.
> For those of you who have not yet dared themselves into the forum, it is
> very easy, just try. I counted the clicks, you need 3 (three) after opening
> the PBS website. After these three clicks you can see loads of good
> pictures, or participate in discussions. (Open the website, Click on Forum,
> then for example on Current Photographs and another click on February
> Photos will open many current pictures. You can click on any pictures to
> enlarge it. That would be the fourth click……
> I also needed help several times at some points which was always given in
> the same friendly way as usual.
> Bye for now
> Uli
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