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Michael Mace via pbs
Tue, 14 Feb 2023 06:58:12 PST
> I would happily handle an Instagram account for PBS.  (I often post on my
account about PBS.)

Oooo! That sparks a thought.

I've been learning about different ways of managing the social sites
(background: I work in a tech company that has a full-time social marketing
manager; she's been teaching me.) Each one of them is different in terms of
the types of content that work well, but it's usually some combination of
pictures and/or very short videos. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube,
etc. Anyone who is, like Bridget, a member of a particular site will know
what works there.

As Robin said, managing a full PBS presence on all the social sites would be
a lot of work because you need to maintain the conversation -- respond to
comments, comment on other people's things, etc. But you don't have to use
the social sites that way. You can just post things periodically as a means
of building awareness for the Society, to attract new members and visitors
to the wiki. Like Bridget said, a photo of the week or a photo of the day or
whatever pace you want. In at least some of the social sites, you can turn
off comments so you don't have to monitor anything.

I think that could be much easier to manage for PBS. When we have a
volunteer who wants to be our ambassador to a social site, we give them the
PBS account login info for that site and let them post. If they get tired of
posting, the account goes dormant until there's a new volunteer. I think it
can scale up or down based on the enthusiasm of our volunteers.

Might be worthwhile to give it a try with one of the sites...


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