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Jane McGary via pbs
Thu, 16 Feb 2023 11:40:32 PST
I first brought up the idea of making illustrated lectures available via 
PBS, probably on YouTube rather than Zoom. I have a handful of such 
bulb-specific talks prepared in the past for in-person meetings. We 
haven't followed it up because I hate dealing with graphics and have not 
added the intro and exit portions that have been requested. Our NARGS 
chapter has been on Zoom since the beginning of the pandemic, using 
screen share, and more recently we have offered a Zoom alternative to 
members who can't attend our resumed in-person meetings. The latter is 
awkward for the speaker and the business meeting, but a number of people 
have been participating in it. We tried to present our pot show (plants 
grown in containers) on Zoom last year, but it probably was not 
satisfying because of the difficulty of displaying the plants on the 
devices available to us. We'll see if it goes better this year. I'm 
thinking of setting some kind of platform in front of the laptop's 
camera and placing each plant being discussed there while the grower 
speaks about it, so that the video is stable and clear.

That works for smallish, container-grown plants that won't suffer from 
being transported. I can't bring my best plants to such a program 
because I like to grow a number of individuals, preferably different 
clones, in one heavy clay pot, plunged in sand. Bringing flowering bulbs 
into a warm room can make them open up so they don't appear in 
character. That might not be an issue for those who grow in heated 
greenhouses anyway.

Perhaps there are some people who can walk around their gardens with a 
phone and present a beautiful live tour, but I certainly could not. 
Moreover, some of our members live in rural areas with slow internet 
service. A prepared talk with photos and perhaps short video clips is 
the best choice.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 2/15/2023 9:49 PM, Robert Lauf via pbs wrote:
> Not too long ago, one member offered to take others on a wildflower expedition in CA.  To me, this represents the absolute best of what PBS can and should be about.  So is there a way for us to harness technology to make more things like this available to our members?  A fellow member/enthusiast suggested that PBS could host Zoom meetings, which might be informal lectures, tours of member gardens or greenhouses, or wildflower walks.  (Wouldn't it be great to have Uli walk us through his gardens and the surrounding countryside, for all who cannot practically biff off to Portugal for the weekend!)
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