Seed Exchange 13 now open for orders

Paul Machado via pbs
Fri, 16 Jun 2023 19:46:32 PDT
Hi Jan,
Where is the SX13 list?

On Fri, Jun 16, 2023 at 7:28 PM Jan Jeddeloh via pbs <> wrote:

> Seed Exchange 13 is now open for orders until June 20 at 5pm PDT. You must
> be a paid up PBS member to order seed. Non-members may not order seed.
> Members in arrears for past SX/BX may not order seed.  I check.
> This list includes our final offering of seeds from Mauro Peixoto’s Brazil
> Plants.  Most of this seed is in very short supply, in many cases I was
> only able to divide the seed into two or three packets. I try to allocate
> this seed fairly.   I will do a separate posting of notes sent to me by
> some donors, particularly Michael Mace our moraea donor. This information
> was too much to include on the spreadsheet.  I advise a least skimming the
> notes to see if there is additional information about the seed you are
> ordering.
> Some donors have large collections of a specific genus.  Unless stated
> that the seed is hand pollinated (HP) you should assume there is a
> possibility of hybridization.
> I will randomize the order and then fill one or two requests per person.
> After filling everyone’s top requests I will then go back through the
> orders and fill the rest of the requests.  This gives more people a chance
> to get some of the rarer seed and prevents the top few from getting it
> all.
> Any order submitted by the deadline has an equal chance of being filled
> first. All orders should be submitted to <mailto:
>> with “SX 13” in the subject line.  Do not post your
> orders to the list!
> The packet labels do not include additional information such as color,
> parents etc.  You’ll need to transfer that information from the list.
> Donor information is also available from the list.  In most cases the list
> now includes the number of packets available and if extra seed is available
> to make additional packets.
> Rules for ordering
> Your name, address, and email should be listed first on your order.  Give
> your address just like you would on an envelope. Don’t string it across a
> line; I can’t tell what goes on what line. This is particularly important
> for foreign addresses.
> For example:
> Sue Bulbcrazy
> 2654 Bulbnut Ln
> Bulbnutsville, OR 92013
> <>
> Seed is $2 per packet.  Your bill will reflect postage credit for any
> previous SX submissions.  Domestic postage will be charged at $4 per
> order.  All previous orders shipped for under $4 to slightly over $4 per
> padded envelope so I am standardizing postage at $4 per envelope for all
> domestic orders.  The extra over the postage costs will help pay for the
> mailing envelopes. Foreign orders will be charged at cost.  You will
> receive a bill in your envelope which you can pay online at
> List your 15 first choices vertically in numeric order. For example:
> 13 Narcissus bulbocodium
> 14 Narcissus cantabricus
> 15 Romulea rosea
> I must have both the seed number and name!
> Unless you tell me differently I will assume you’ll accept seed from a
> different donor if seed from your first choice donor is sold out.
> List your alternates in order of preference.  You can also include notes
> to help me pull seeds that will make you happy.  For example; “any
> gladiolus seed ok as alternate”.  If you don’t list alternates I will only
> send the first choices I have available. I am not limiting people to 15
> packets but if you want extras I will process the amount in excess of 15
> packets after I am done filling the other orders.
> No seed orders from countries that require a phytosanitary certificate.
> New Zealand orders are at your own risk for postage costs.  As best I can
> tell my last order to New Zealand did not get through.
> It is important to follow the ordering rules.  Orders that don’t, and
> drive me crazy trying to fill them, may be put at the bottom of the stack!
> Don’t make me do that.
> Contact me with any questions about the SX procedure, but not about the
> offerings, at <>.
> Questions about germination or the suitability of the seed for your climate
> should be posted on the forum.
> Now to remember how to actually post the seed list.
> Jan
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