Dodecatheon pulchellum

Jane McGary via pbs
Thu, 25 May 2023 09:05:43 PDT
This plant (I think Dodecatheon has now been put into Primula, worse 
luck) normally goes dormant by midsummer. If divided this time of year, 
they should definitely be kept moist and in the shade. The roots are 
somewhat persistent, so the untimely division might not kill them. In 
the garden, established plants do well in sun in Hope's area, which has, 
however, recently experienced a historically hot spell for the season. 
The strange weather, which we may have to get used to, has affected many 
plants and particularly caused unseasonal flowering patterns.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 5/24/2023 4:09 PM, Hope Stanton via pbs wrote:
> I had a pot full of Dodecatheon pulchellum plants. They never bloomed since there were to many so I separated them about a month ago.  The leaves didnt dieback but did go limp.   Should I water the pots ?  put in the sun shade?Will they come up next year?
> Hope Stanton
> N Oregon coast
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