Dodecatheon pulchellum

R Hansen via pbs
Wed, 24 May 2023 16:16:41 PDT
Hi, Hope and All,

I grow several different Dodecatheon species and I'm about due south of you,
in from Bandon about 12 miles. Always afternoon shade and bright shade all
day. Keep moist but not sopping wet. My dodies are all still green but show
signs of wanting to go dormant. As long as they get enough water they stay
green for quite awhile. I have D. hendersonii, pulchellum, meadia and now
dentatum is just starting to bloom.

I'd guess as long as you keep them in shade and moist but not wet, they'll
be fine. The trick I've found to transplanting is that early in the year
just when they begin to show a tiny bit of green is the best time to divide
and transplant. If roots detach, which they will do, just plant with the
buds below the surface a bit, several to a pot or with a mature plant.

Robin Hansen

The wind is finally calming and we have a lovely day.
Southwest Oregon

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