Bulb Exchange

The Pacific Bulb Society sponsors an exchange of bulb and seed material from its members that is called the BX. Members of the group send seeds or bulbs that they are willing to share with other members of the group to Dell Sherk, the capable director of the BX. When he has a sufficient amount to offer to others, he announces items over the PBS list with the subject Pacific BX and the number of that current BX. Pacific Bulb Society members respond privately to Dell with the numbers, not the quantities, of the items that they are interested in.
Dell fills the orders on a first come first served basis and with popular items the BX can be sold out rapidly. Most items are $2 an item used to defray the costs for packing and first-class, priority- mail, or international postage, but there can be an additional small charge per order for postage. Items are then mailed to the member who requested them with the number of the item listed on the packet and with the amount owed enclosed.
A credit for the amount it costs to ship the donated items to Dell is given that can be used to pay for BX items the donor may wish to acquire. If the postage credit equals the amount of a membership in the Pacific Bulb Society, the credit can be exchanged for a membership renewal.
CLEAN, clearly labeled plant materials from US members can be sent directly to:

Dell Sherk
55 W. High St.
Salem, WV 26426

Non US donors need to contact Dell Sherk for instructions before sending material.
Payments for the BX can be made by cash or check to the PBS treasurer, Arnold Trachtenberg:

Arnold Trachtenberg
140 Lakeview Ave.
Leonia, NJ 07605

Contact Arnold Trachtenberg

or PayPal can be used by clicking on this button:

From 7/22/2002 through 12/17/2011 there were 300 BX offerings, and over 5500 items. Click on the links below to download the BX lists. Please note that seeds from old BX are not available.

BX 1 to 100
BX 101 to 200
BX 201 to 300

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