Bracey Tiede
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 16:32:23 PST

I have nicely discovered I now have time to return to PBS emails after
leaving the group a while ago. I've missed hearing about what's blooming

Last weekend, we had the great pleasure of meeting Mary McBride in southern
California and visiting her home/gardens for a nice tour. She had lots of
packaged bulbs from a plant sale the day before and we left with some new
selections and old friends. We and Mary share a similar interest in dry
gardening with medit climate plants from California, South Africa, eastern
Mediterranean Sea, Australia and more. Our gardens look very much alike. 

Western Horticultural Society's meeting this month features a talk by Dylan
Hannon from The Huntington in southern California on Bulbs for the
California Collector. Details at if you are in the area
of Los Altos, CA.

Fall seems to be bulb time here. Nice to be reconnected. 

Bracey Tiede
San Jose CA
Zone 9B/10A/Sunset 16

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