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Hi Martin,

Interestingly, I did receive an email with your reply to my post - the first and only email I've received from the forum. (And it did contain the body of your reply.)

Thanks for looking into this for me.

I've been trying to get notifications and alerts configured, without success. In "Profile of Steve Marak" -> Notifications -> Notification Preferences, "Follow topics" and "Receive message body in email" are both checked. I started with "How Frequently" set to daily, but since that didn't seem to work, I changed it to "Immediately". "Notify me of" is set to "Replies and moderation". "When a topic I follow" and "When a new topic is created" have both "Receive Alert" and "Receive Email". (I can relate the things below those, if needed, but with a few exceptions [such as "Birthday"] they are also set to both "Receive Alert" and "Receive Email".)

Unfortunately, it seems to be necessary to set each individual board within a forum to "Receive email and alerts" manually. But I did that immediately, some weeks ago, for some boards ("Bulb and Seed Exchanges", for example). I've lately also set that for others, such as "General Discussion". But so far I've not received a single email or alert (when I click "Alerts" at the top left, it always says "No alerts"), ever. I've verified that the email address the forum knows is correct.

Must be something simple, but I seem not to be seeing it. Can someone help, please?


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but that's one of the reasons I've come to dislike forums (vs email) - email comes to me, all in one place, and I can work with it online or offline. I have to remember to go to every forum to which I belong and see what's new, and I can only do that when online. I've been pretty active in several forums (fora?) in the past but over time ...
I've used a number of forums, but every platform is a little different, so I'm learning my way around this one ... bear with me please.

The text under the "Notifications" tab in "My Account" says to use the "Notify" button when looking at the index of a board to start receiving notifications for that board. I can't find a "Notify" button on that page, but a quick trial and error verified that it's the button that says "No Alerts or Emails". Easy enough.

Am I right in thinking that I can't do global notification set up either from the "Notifications" tab in "My Account", or from the "Forum" page (the one that lists all the available boards) - I have to go dive into each board individually and turn on notifications? It looks like I can modify settings in "My Account", but not establish them?