not Notholirion thomsonianna

Started by gastil, August 16, 2021, 11:50:40 AM

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In 2012 I received item BX316 #6 as Notholirion thomsonianum donated by JMcG.
Today (16 August 2021) I saw the first bloom. Mine is definitely not that species, clear when compared to the wiki:

It is quite lovely and vigorous and even though it is not blue, I like it.
One theory is perhaps some seed volunteered into this pot. The originally planted species may be long gone.
I repotted this in Oct 2020 and I always photograph bulbs when repotting so I can dig up (figuratively) that photo to help identify.
This is why I hesitate to post any bulb or seed photos to the wiki until they are verified in bloom.
I neglect my garden on the central coast of California


The mystery bloom looks to me like
Habranthus robustus

I have in the past grown some Habranthus but I do not recall having seen it form seed. And it was growing in a different place, in the ground, not where seed could fall into pots. Still, seed blows around. So I'll go with that theory, that I lost the original and this Habranthus colonized the pot.

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I neglect my garden on the central coast of California


Here is the photo of the bulbs when I repotted these on 10 October 2020.
Notice the old label is included in the photo, upper right.

I neglect my garden on the central coast of California

Martin Bohnet

All I can say is that these Bulbs look a lot like Amaryllids, so Zephyranthes is a likely candidate. That said, both Zephyranthes and Notholirion don't like me much, so I'd probably fail with both....
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Can we type in here as well? I wuite like this, to be honest


Gastil's photo isn't N. thomsonianum (see my new post under that topic), nor did I ever send seed of that, because I have only one flowering clone and it is self-sterile. I have donated small bulbs of the Notholirion in the past, however.


Notholirion thomsonianum
Bulbs look like these with ribs
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