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Started by Arnold, December 31, 2021, 01:34:53 PM

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Diane Whitehead

When I clicked on Gastil's first three photos, they each enlarged slightly.

The M polystachya photo enlarged a lot more.

What makes the difference?
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Martin Bohnet

Arnolds pics: strange, for me they both be.have the same - according to the file names they are also the same file - I take this as a problem (Don't think Arnold wanted to attach the same file twice) and a good sign - the system doesn't rely on file names to tell them apart (I know from the admin interface that there are completely different names on the storage)

Gastils pics: The small images are shown in the size the were uploaded - tiny from the beginning. All other files were resized by the system to 1024 on the longest side, that's the limit I chose on the Plugin. Keeps us from getting those 10 MB-Files so common on the list. Check the dimensions under the thumbnail.
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  Yes they are the same photo.  An error on my part.
Arnold T.
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