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Started by Bwosczyna, September 26, 2022, 07:46:03 PM

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BX 486 is now open for orders! 
I will leave the ordering window open through the end of this week and will close on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. PST. The closure will be announced on the list and forum. This will be a lottery so everyone has an equal opportunity to get the most desired items.

Only current, up-to-date members may order from this exchange. If you are unsure about your membership status kindly contact Jane McGary at janemcgary@earthlink.net.  Likewise, you will need to be up-to-date on any money owed for previous orders. You can check with Arnold Trachtenburg at arnold140@verizon.net if you are unsure if you are current on orders made.

You are not required to be a donor to make an order, but please do consider donating if you have extras of your bulbs.  It's fine if you only have a few to spare!

Please review and take note of the following as it will streamline the distribution process:

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS LIST WHEN ORDERING.  You will need to send me an email separately at bulbexpbs@gmail.com.  Please be sure provide me with your full name and shipping address. I will make a brief acknowledgement of receipt of your email.

Additionally, when you make your order, it would be most helpful if you list the item number and bulb name.  It makes it much easier for me to match up orders.

Bulbs are $3 per portion. Very big or very rare bulbs may be more expensive. Postage is added to your order at cost.  If you are allotted an order, you will receive a box with a small slip of paper with your total due.  Donors, your postage credit will be deducted from your total due.

Payments for the BX may be through a check sent directly to Arnold or on the PBS Bulb Exchange webpage with the PayPal link. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in the payment form at https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/pbsforum/index.php?page=BXpay

It will be most helpful if you reference the BX number when you make the payment.
Any questions may be directed to me at the bulbexpbs@gmail.com email.

Available from our most generous donors are the following:

1.x Amarygia                                                                                   Mike Lowitz
2.Arum purpureospathum
                                                                 Mary Sue Ittner
3.Babiana framesii

4.Babiana secunda

5.Calochortus argillosus

6.Calochortus uniflorus

7.Triteleia laxa

8.Tritonia crocata

9.Allium amplectens
10.Brodiaea pallida
11.Cyrtanthus elatus x Cyrtanthus montanus (bulblets)
12.Dipterostemon capitatus (Dichelostemma capitatum) cormlets
13.Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
14.Ferrariacrispa ssp. Nortieri
15.Freesia laxa
ssp. Caerulea
16.Hyacinthoides lingulata

17.Narcissus romieuxii
(small bulbs)
18.Nothoscordum dialystemon
(Ipheion dialystemon) bulblets
19.Ornithogalum fimbrimarginatum

20.Pauridia capensis
21.Watsonia aletroides

22.Habranthus brachyandrus
                                                                John Barnes
23.Zephyranthes flavissima

24.Ferraria crispa                                                                           Arnold Trachtenburg
25.Ferraria crispa ssp nortieri                                         
26.Ferraria divaricate
27.ferraria sp.
28.Oncostemma (Scilla) peruviana
29.Stenomesson pearcei

30.Arisaema dracontium
                                                                      Robert Parks
31.Ornithogalum comptum
32.Sinningia leucotricha

33.Typhonium flagelliforme
34.Trachyandra ciliata
35.Ixia polystycha Baby Blue
36.Pinellia ternata f. atropurpurea Note: can be weedy and invasive
37.Erythroniumlight yellow possibly 'Kondo' as it's darker than 'Pagoda'       Jan Jeddeloh
38.Fessia greilhuberi

39.Galanthus reginae-olgae

40.Hyacinthoides mauretanica
41.Hyacinthoides(Scilla) lingulata
42.Tractema(Scilla) monophylla
43.Tractema(Scilla) ramburei

Thank you!