Typhonium is a genus in the Araceae family. This genus has around 40 species and is wide spread from S.E. Asia through Malaysia and into the NE Coast of Australia. After some taxomomists had reached the conclusion (see here) that all the species in Sauromatum belong in the genus Typhonium , recent DNA analysis supports retaining Sauromatum as a separate genus. Plants grow from cylindrical tubers. Leaves are arrow or spear shaped and basal. The spathe extends a little above the leaves. Many of the species need warm temperatures and good soil.

Typhonium giganteum, syn. Sauromatum giganteum.

Typhonium pedunculatum Hett. & Sookch. is an evergreen species growing from a rhizome endemic to southeastern Thailand. Photo from Robert Parks who is growing it in a 4 inch pot under lights who described it as: "Remarkably showy, very fast opening, at dusk yesterday it was still straight up and wrapped snugly. Odd relatively faint chemical-y odor, unpleasant but unidentifiable."

Typhonium pedunculatum, Robert Parks

Typhonium venosum, syn. Sauromatum venosum.

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