Araceae or the arum family in a large pantropical (majority from the New World tropics) family of more than 100 genera and many species of rhizomatous and tuberous perennials. They are very variable, some floating, some terrestrial, and some climbing. The leaves are alternate, simple or compound, petiolate, sometimes very large, and usually with a sheathing base. They may be basal or produced from an aerial stem. Small flowers are crowded on a columnar spadix enfolded in a colored spathe. There are normally 6 stamens, but there can be as few as one. The fruit is a berry. Many have starchy tubers that are poisonous but may be rendered edible after cooking.

Genera of Araceae on the PBS wiki
Alocasia Ambrosina Amorphophallus Arisaema Arisarum
Arum Asterostigma Biarum Caladium Colocasia
Dracontium Dracunculus Gonatopus Helicodiceros Lysichiton
Pinellia Remusatia Sauromatum Spathantheum Symplocarpus
Synandrospadix Typhonium Xanthosoma Zantedeschia

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