A genus of approximately 5 species in the Araceae family, native to tropical and southern subtropical Africa. Plants are seasonally dormant growing from a subglobose tuber or cylindric to horizontal rhizome. Leaf solitary, leaf blades broadly triangular to oblanceolate, usually trisect. Inflorescences 1 to 4, appearing before or with the leaves. Spathe tube constricted between tube and limb; limb oblong to elliptic and reflexed at anthesis. Spadix subequal to spathe. Berries ovoid-ellipsoid, 1 to 2 seeded, red to orange to yellow or whitish. Seeds ovoid-ellipsoid.

Gonatopus boivinii is native to Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, DRC, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia growing in open woodlands and wooded grasslands. Growth appears at the start of the rains. Photos by Nicholas Wightman of plants in Lilayi, Zambia but collected in Eastern Province, Zambia.

Gonatopus boivinii, Nicholas WightmanGonatopus boivinii, Nicholas WightmanGonatopus boivinii, Nicholas Wightman

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