Dracunculus is a small genus of Mediterranean aroids in the Araceae family.

Dracunculus muscivorus (syn. Helicodiceros muscivorus) is pictured and described on the Helicodiceros wiki page.

Dracunculus vulgaris will make a sensation when it blooms in your garden. Every fly in the neighborhood will arrive. The spathe is nearly a yard long and eighteen inches wide; the spadix is the size of an adult's forearm. The stench is the typical aroid stench. It has been grown in northern European gardens since at least the sixteenth century. This grows in a protected spot in the Maryland garden of Jim McKenney who took the first photo of the flower. The second photo, of the emerging foliage, was taken March 2007 by Jay Yourch. The third picture shows a clump with one yellowish spathe emerging. The plant is 160 cm. tall. In the background and at left Hydrangea elegans is showing the first buds of flowers. The fourth picture taken one week after shows the spathe nearly 40 cm. long, still folded, with a margin turning to purple. The plant is now more than 180 cm tall. In picture five after four days the spathe is completely unfolded, thick and heavy. In the meanwhile I removed the white Hydrangea elegans growing over the Dracunculus. In picture six after two days with rain, the spathe began bending down. Photos three through six were taken by Giorgio Pozzi, May 2008 .

Dracunculus vulgaris, Jim McKenneyDracunculus vulgaris, Jay YourchDracunculus vulgaris, Giorgio PozziDracunculus vulgaris, Giorgio PozziDracunculus opened, Giorgio PozziDracunculus vulgaris, Giorgio Pozzi

Photos 1 and 2 below were taken by John Lonsdale; photo 3 of seed by David Pilling.

Dracunculus vulgaris, John LonsdaleDracunculus vulgaris, John LonsdaleDracunculus vulgaris seed, David Pilling

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