Giorgio Pozzi

I am 58 year old and live in northern Italy, near Milano, and even closer to Varese, zone 7. Hills and lakes all around where I live so we are able to grow almost every outdoor plant. As we have a large garden, I'm always looking for something new.

I love wild wood flowers : snowdrops, Leucojum , Erythronium dens canis , Narcissus poeticus , Hepatica nobilis , ferns and Helleborus .

Some years ago, I found Arisaema after long searching, and now I'm growing many different varieties, in the garden and in the wood; I get new species and different clones of the same species from many enthusiast friends in every part of the world, from Australia to America. In last two years I have been able to share many tubers of different size and age and a great number of seeds harvested from my plants.

My latest interest is in Cypripedium. I gotten young plants of different species and now I'll try to grow the species suitable for growing in the wood near home.

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