Arisarum is a tuberous genus of arum-like plants from the Mediterranean region in the Araceae family. They are winter growing plants.

Arisarum proboscideum, photographed by Kelly Irvin in the first picture below grows well in semi-shade in humus-rich soil. It is native to Italy and Spain where it gets some summer moisture. It blooms in spring. A second photo follows from Susan Hayek for Diana Chapman. Photo number 3 is by Gianluca Corazza and was taken in habitat in Le Cerbaie, Tuscany, Italy.

Arisarum proboscideum, Kelly IrvinArisarum proboscideum, Susan HayekArisarum proboscideum in habitat in Le Cerbaie, Tuscany, Italy, Gianluca Corazza

Arisarum vulgare is a common sight in all Mediterranean regions and makes lovely carpets of leaves. It grows in shade or sun, from sea level to inland and the funny miniature cobra-lily flowers appear continuously from October to April. Dylan Hannon reports that A. vulgare "typicum" is a very reliable pot subject for a shady spot in the Los Angeles area. It needs a dry summer rest. Dylan's plant grew happily for ten years before finally flowering in 2011. Probably better for a place in the open garden protected from traffic than containers. The name "typicum" seems to have originated in England and may not have any botanical or horticultural standing in the nomenclature. Whether it pertains to the speckled leaf form exclusively is unknown. The first photo was taken by Angelo Porcelli in habitat in Apulia and the second, third and fourth photos are of a plant grown and photographed by Dylan Hannon. The fifth photo is of a special form with really tiny leaves collected by Roland and Gemma in Corsica. The sixth photo was taken by Gianluca Corazza in Tuscany, Italy and shows some variability in leaf shape, symmetry/asymmetry and speckling pattern.

Arisarum vulgare, Angelo PorcelliArisarum vulgare 'typicum', Dylan HannonArisarum vulgare 'typicum', Dylan HannonArisarum vulgare 'typicum', Dylan HannonArisarum vulgare, tiny leaf form, Roland and GemmaArisarum vulgare, variability, Gianluca Corazza

The photo below by Kelly Irvin is an artistic rendition entitled, "Gabriel enjoying the shade of Arisarum vulgare v. giganteum "

Arisarum vulgare v. giganteum, Kelly Irvin

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