Diana Chapman

Diana Chapman is the proprietor of Telos Rare Bulbs, a small specialty bulb nursery located in northern California.

Here's Diana: "The climate is maritime, with coastal fog in summer, and cool wet winters with approximately 45" (110 cm) of rain spread out from October to May. Summers here are cool and dry, with temperatures very rarely exceeding 70 °F (22 °C). Frost occurs in winter, but temperatures rarely dip below 30 °F (-5 °C), although more severe freezes do occur about once in ten years. The nursery was started in 1999, growing out of a passion for bulbous plants, and based on my personal bulb collection. My interest in hiking in the mountainous regions of California also contributed to my love of California native bulbs. The regions I am interested in are largely those with Mediterranean climates (Chile, the Mediterranean basin and California) but also includes Argentina and the Andes."

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