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Started by Jan Jeddeloh, July 30, 2022, 03:04:56 PM

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Jan Jeddeloh

The US seed exchange is now open for donations until October 1. I'm particularly encouraging you to send in seed of hardy bulbs.  I want to have a seed exchange in September or October emphasizing hardy bulb seed so it can be planted in time for a winter chill.  Please read ALL the instructions carefully and contact me at if you have any questions.

The seed exchange welcomes all non-ephemeral geophyte seed, but not in unlimited quantities.  I only need enough seed for a maximum of ten packets unless the seed is unusually desirable.  For most seed a tablespoon is quite sufficient for ten packets.  If your seed is huge (pea size or bigger), it would be appropriate to send a bit more.

Wild collected seed, with geographic collection information, is very welcome. Wild collected see must collected in accordance with local laws and applicable regulations.

Please label each bag with the precise name of the plant (scientific name if possible) and your own name so that all donations are clearly identified and can be referred to the donor. I can accept as few as five seeds.  Some lucky person will love to have that single packet. Include your email with your order in case I have questions.

If you are willing to prepack seed please let me know how many free seed envelopes to send you.  Be sure to include your mailing address. If you wish to use your own envelopes they must be no wider than 2" otherwise they won't fit in my seed trays.  I buy our seed packets from NARGS  Prepacking the seed will greatly reduce my workload.  Each envelope should have at least enough seed for a pot, generally at least 10 seeds. Rare seed can have less. If you're unsure how many seeds to packet just send me the seed and I'll pack it.  If you think your seed will be especially desirable and you have extra seed you can send it in a separate envelop and I will pack it as needed.

No ephemeral seed.  This means no crinum, clivia and hymenocallis seed or any other moist seed likely to produce a radicle before it can be distributed.  I have received germinating seed of all these genera. It's difficult to protect the radicle in the seed distribution and mailing process.  If you have ephemeral seed you can distribute it one of two ways.  1) Ask people to contact you directly for seed, mail it yourself and ask for postage reimbursement. 2) it yourself Grow it on for a year or so and then put the baby bulbs in the bulb exchange.  Bulbs are much more durable than germinating seed. 

No one is required to prepackage seed.  I realize not everyone has the time, finger dexterity or inclination to package seed.  Jane and I have time to package seed.  Please however make sure your seed is clean.  Nobody likes dirty seed.

If you wish to donate seed from outside the US please let me know.  I have a Small Lots of Seed Permit I can send you for your donation.  This form is required for all seed entering the US from foreign countries.

As a donor you will get a rounded credit on seed equaling the postage you paid for your donation.  For example a postage cost of $4.49 will be rounded to $4 and a postage cost of $4.50 will be rounded to $5. 

Please remember that you must be a fully paid member of the PBS to order from our seed and bulb exchanges. You do not have to be a donor to order, all US and non-EU members can order from the US seed exchange.  EU members have a separate seed exchange due to the requirement for a phytosanitary certificate for entry into the EU.

Judy Glattstein

Do you want seed of Mirabilis cultivars? I have 'Alba', 'Orange Crush', and 'Limelight'. They are open pollinated but seem to come true. Also have M. longiflora but have not noticed seed set so far this year.

Judy Glattstein

Since there has been no reply in a week I can only assume you do not want a donation of Mirabilis seed. Good enough.

Jan Jeddeloh

Hi Judy, 
Jane just notified me of your post.  I confess I'm bad about checking the forum regularly so didn't know of your question. In the future you'll get a quicker reply if you just email me directly at

Regarding the mirabilis seed.  I don't know if there is any interest of not. Why don't you send me five packets worth of each and we'll see.  The biggest interest is in seed that is not available commercially.  Mirabilis is available commercially but you do have to poke around a bit to find.


David Pilling

In general if anyone is worried about not visiting the forum or not seeing replies, they can turn on "notifications", that is receive emails of replies. These can be turned on at various levels, boards or topics. There's a button towards the top right "emails and alerts".

We don't have many boards so it would take little work to ensure you get emails for the complete forum. Many years ago when I was interested in plants that is how I followed the SRGC forum - and they have a lot of boards.

I say "in general" because our honourable seed ex director almost certainly is not looking for more work.

Jan Jeddeloh

I'm closing the seed exchange for donations until February or March 2023.  I'd like a break for a bit and I need my dining room table back for the holidays!

So please save your seed until I reopen the exchange.

Thank you,