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Started by vhempel, January 05, 2022, 03:32:51 PM

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 :)  :)  Hello everyone,

I am Vlad and have been in love with bulb plants since I can ever remember. I was 5 when my mom showed me how to plant a tulip. A few months later, that tulip bloomed on my birthday. It was almost as tall as I was. Being so fascinated, that memory stayed vivid in my head.
Now, I grow all sorts of plants, not only geophytes. As some of you might know, my number one is Hippeastrum, followed shortly by Narcissus. I also love to grow all sorts of berries and almost everything from the Amaryllidaceae family. Still dreaming of an Urginea. Eh, who knows, maybe one day... I dare to dream!
At the moment I live in Berlin Germany, where it is oficially zone 7b. I cannot complain about this climate, only wish we would get less frosts in winter time, so that I could grow more tazettas outside without them getting any damage. But I manage, somehow.
Feel free to reach out for any exchange of seeds of bulbs. I do many crazy crosses too, especially intergenerics.



Hi Vlad

Welcome and thanks for joining in the conversation.

Arnold T.
North East USA

Martin Bohnet

Hi Vlad,

as a fellow Gardener in Germany I feel that the biggest trouble with or Winters is how unpredictable they are - I'm a bit different here in the south with nearly vineyard climate, but basically Germany as a whole is constantly jumping between continental (weather from the east) and oceanic (from the West) so winter is a stress test of thawing, freezing and drowning, with the occasional 15 Kelvin jump in 24 hours - up or down...

Oh, and as European Bulb Exchange Director I must insist that you preferably use the official exchanges to spread your love for Amaryllids - like you did before. I have actually one of your Sonatini Eye Catchers at a sheltered place outside, lets see how over-optimistic the sites I looked them up are....
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)