Paper pots for starting seeds

Started by janethffnn, November 26, 2023, 05:22:51 PM

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I attached below a photo of the paper pots that I use for starting bulb and other seeds. They are on a wire mesh table with a heating pad underneath the plastic nursery flat with the pots. I use a Pot-maker to make the pots from newspaper and put masking tape along the open edge and bottom to hold them together a little more securely. The whole thing will disintegrate after I place the paper pot into a larger pot to grow the seedlings on after they have sprouted.

Martin Bohnet

Seems to be an interesting method - now could you add a photo of the "potmaker"? would help a lot to understand the process.
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I use newspaper pots for annuals and vegetables but have not attempted these for bulb seeds. I'm pretty sure I've never transplanted a bulb seedling in fewer than 2 growing seasons (2 years). I've never tried keeping a newspaper pot longer than a single season, a few months, before transplanting. 

I use just a random empty food jar to make my paper pots. Roll a few thicknesses, flatten one end. 

I do like the idea of transplanting bulb seedling and its growing medium as a whole rather than dumping out the soil. The tiny bulblets could easily be overlooked, especially if only one year old. One year old Moraea are the size of a pin head, smaller than the sand grains of my coarse sand. 
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David Pilling

There are various biodegradable pots - probly set off as 'peat pots', but you know peat...

Then you could origami your pots out of paper: